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Disappearing cities


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I have recently noticed a great darkness creeping over the land, enveloping the world and destroying cities...

Well, not so much of a great darkness, but recently nearly 50 cities in my explored area of the world map have turned to dust and are no more. A wrorrying trade as the number keeps growing. Strange too, that they're only in the uppermost part of my map.

More worrying still is that active players are disappearing along with inactive players. Someone who recently gave me neighbourly help has gone, along with Bruce the Great who regularly scored in the top 20 in Tournaments.

Have tried contacting Support, but they are being dank, citing "we cannot give out information regarding other players", which was not what I was asking.

Anybody else experiencing this issue?

It is having a devastating impact on trade, which has nearly dried up around me.


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There was a new wave of city relocations. If you have this option disabled - you stay while your neighbors are gone to a better place.


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I have play in 2 year and mark no move because I have been on a good place.
monday last week I have the same as you @Agvar, planty off city from the top map also active city move.
In the weekend I mark that I want to move, but monday I still stay with not many city on the world map.
I know the move program is starting every monday 7 am germen time.


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This box must be checked to be moved. Uncheck it so as not to be moved.


I was waiting for almost one year to be moved to a better place as half of my city was surrounded by desert. Therefore, I am really happy that this was done a few days ago. That is the other side of the coin, in my case the positive one.


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I found that my box had become ticked, despite my disabling it when I started playing over a year ago. My adivce is then that if you don't want to be moved check your settings.


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Only available on PC or Laptop though.
True. However the option seems to be on by default. I’ve been moved twice and I’m an app player. (Can occasionally/rarely login to browser, but only when I have a strong reason to do so.)


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It must be a new program, because after 2 year to many city on my world map move at the same time.


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My experience is that certain regions are always moved, so not randomly from the entire world map, but rather certain regions.