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New Game Features Daily "Loyalty" gifts


Ok a previous game I used to play had the feature of moving cities around.

Every day you logged in you got a token to spin on a wheel and if you were lucky you got a transporter (other gifts on the wheel also) You could change it by having a "pool of magic" with fish in it or something like that and give us a gift for every day we log in. It could range for anything from 50 supplies or cash, free building, to an extra expansion etc.

Ok back to the moving cities around, you could have this as one of the gifts a "Magic Carpet" and you could move your city to an empty slot. The slots can be emptied by clearing all the dead cities, therefore the people who are active, get another active player beside them and you will eventually have space on the map when it becomes full. There could be a stipulation that you can only port to the edge of the map you have "discovered"

Regards Laobhan, anyone reading this and have discovered me please add to my culture. Tks

Edit by Lauwi: Crossed out the idea that's already been suggested elsewhere to emphasise the new idea of daily rewards.
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The idea to be able to transport your city to an empty space, has already been proposed in this earlier thread (click). Please support that idea there.

Furthermore, to keep the forum clear, we only discuss one idea per thread. As the idea of daily rewards in general hasn't been suggested elsewhere, I would like to discuss it here. I've adjusted the title and prefix of this thread to solely this subject. You could also check this thread (click) about diamonds as the only daily rewards. :)


Daily rewards can really make a game more fun. I luv the idea. I don't think they should be anything too significant as this creates a loophole for abuse. I would support such things as KP packs, goods, buildings (possibly free building upgrades), ...etc. If the offer came in the form of a prize wheel, maybe there could be a small chance at a spin on a different Bonus Wheel where a player would have a chance at something more significant like expansions and city teleportations. :cool:


Maybe not daily, but rewards for playing regularly (not just logging in) could help repopulate the wasteland. I like the "magic fishpond" idea as it could be designed to suit the esthetics of the game. Or a magic cloud that appears every three to five days, somewhat irregularly to keep it interesting. And the option to disable it if it gets annoying like that awful "treasure hunt" on FoE.


Maybe something like a daily task to be completed for some easy prizes like coins / supplies and then if 7 daily task's are completed a Weekly task will be expected to be completed by us for which we can get some additional gift maybe like some collectibles, some flowers. some plants, some free upgrades for buildings ;) etc etc ... and after Completing 4 Weekly tasks a monthly task for which some good loyalty gifts / rewards can be given ... maybe even diamonds.... not in big quantity ...even 10 -20 something in that range i think will do make players to feel interested in it ...All this tasks ensures that the players are not just logging in but have certain tasks to complete ...it keep them interested and busy in the game ...I think it will also motivate those who are playing this game regularly anyways ....just a basic thought ...


Yes, Mink, many of us have the same idea and we hope that one day it could be possible :rolleyes:


Because the other thread started out differently. ;) But no worries, I'll make sure to look at the answers in all related threads when I forward the idea of (diamond) rewards.


Because the other thread started out differently. ;) But no worries, I'll make sure to look at the answers in all related threads when I forward the idea of (diamond) rewards.
No worries, I add my positive vote here ;)


very tough to keep up with all the threads and know where they're going at all times. many threads often change topics, lol. ty lauwi :)


Daily gifts - it is amazing!
I like this idea but here is many ways to solution daily gifts - this is one of the bests :D

But I think extra expansion from this daily gifts will never exist I think it's clear why...Rewards should be randomly generated everyday for individual player, you can get 200supply today where your friend can get 50gems etc - not the same rewards everyday or same for each one.


+1 this ideia.
I created another thread in Brazil's Forum of Elvenar, suggesting the same idea, with more specs.
Translated from Portuguese - Brazil:

1st day. =Coins I, - (Varies with player evolution in game)
2nd day. = Supplies, - (Varies with player evolution in game)
3rd day. = Coins II, - (Varies with player evolution in game)
4th day. = Supplies II, - (Varies with player evolution in game)
5th day. = Knowledge Point (2 points)
6th day. = Goods - (100 random units)
7th day. = Diamonds - (50 units, I think this a good size)

Diamond bonus, could help the player who can not afford to buy diamond, to purchase the expansions of city hall, or pay the fee in some tech. If the expansion costs 500 diamonds, he would have to log in for 10 weeks, to get an expansion, agree?

Original thread (Elvenar Brazil - Forum):