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Cyber monday's expansions reduction


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20% reduction on expansions ladies and gentlemen! This is worth a big "THANK YOU!"!
I saw a lot of posts in at least two different threads in which players were complaining, that there are no reductions on Beta. Where are all these disappointed humans and elves?
Now come together here, all those who were so angry and sad and celebrate with me the big "Thanks-Party".
And let us hope that Inno likes it and woreships it with some more reductions from now.


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I'm happy that they have given beta the reduction :)
Only problem is i spent my diamonds on expansions when i could, based on the knowledge that we wouldn't get any reductions on beta. so now i cant benefit from the reduction. :(
But if they give us reductions i might start saving my diamonds for them


Good. Today I would like to say something important to me. Just as when there is something I don't like, I comment, or there is something improvable, I make a constructive criticism, today I would like to acknowledge that finally, they have made a "reduction", and an offer in conditions.
My words are due to the following; The price of diamonds for my "taste" is very expensive, the price they put to buy packs and other "offers" is very expensive (like that of the artifacts of 3 days ago ...), but today, making a Special and different day, it is brilliant, since you can get diamonds with the wishing wells, forum contests etc ... With which, I applaud very much and strong, this offer and rebate created! Thank you!

Much to my regret, a month ago I put a post, in which I asked about the 10% reduction in beta expansion, and even by moderators, it was something foreign to them and they did not know if the company would have it in mind, or not ... so, like some other player, I also spent all my diamonds (20,000) in expansions, it's a sadness - but joy to see that if we will have those offers now at least ... I could have obtained 1 or 2 more expansions of having used this 20% .... but THANK YOU!