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Crystal Province Question


I just opened ring 7 and relieved to see it's actually 3 types of goods. It's a bit ridiculous that this isn't evened out before ring 7 as we can have all goods by chapter 3.
Anywho, my crystal province is heavy in steel. To finish the province I need 3600 steel and only 600 marble, shouldn't this be the opposite?Looking at fan sites it shows in tournaments the majority of goods needed is marble. My crystal and elixir is correct but why so much steel?


Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
@soleil What's the problem? If you have prepared marble and it needs more or less the same amount of steel, then just exchange your prepared marble for steel in the market.


@Lovec Krys when every fan site says you need mostly marble for the tier 1 goods in a crystal province and my very first province I open in ring 7 is heavy in steel, something is wrong.

Since I made this post, it's either been fixed or it was one hiccup province as the rest have been perfect and better balanced with zero steel. Thank you!