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Community based building - Question 1

Which of the following dimensions should we use for this building?

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I voted for 2x2 - but a question - will the size parameters determine what we are voting on in the upcoming weeks or would the next set of choices be the same regardless of the size the community selects


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still need to have a social network or go to the forums .... and win this ..

you can not give this building to everyone?
"Community based building" mate...

Not only "community builded building" ;)

Also, that's not a gift, it's a reward.


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Is it possible for everyone to win? Or will only a certain number of them be available?
of course its possible for everyone to win. its a contest so its just like winning the lottory, everyone can win the jackpot, at least everyone who enters the contest :D


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it is size of 4 in different shape only

2x2 without road should be the better,

without road, we can place ...anywhere

the most important is.... what is it for ?

it occupy our valuable area
i will expect
it is upgrade-able
provide culture, residents, mana, seeds


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I don't understand why a 'community based' building should be so small. In my opinion the smallest this should be is 4*4 = 16 squares rather than 4 as we are asked to vote on. The benefits which can reasonably be provided from such a small building will make it less desirable than something which is bigger, unless the benefits are significantly greater per square than any current buildings.

I like the idea of a community based building but what does it deliver?

We are being asked to vote on something which is poorly defined so until there is more information I see no point in voting.


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I know you kid, but that's just it, there are a lot of different contest set ups
1. Everyone who shows up gets a % chance of getting a prize
2. Everyone who completes a specific task gets a prize
3. The first contestant to do a task is the only one who gets a prize (or first 10 /20 etc)
and many more.

Personally unless it's #2, I don't think I'll like it.

On US live the CM said it's a prize for forums contests, the last of which was for people to make up an Elvenar Holiday. The top 5 as chosen behind the scenes were revealed to the players and voted on. I disliked this for a few reasons
1. Linking a non-elvenar skill like creative writing to prizes is a little off.
2. The top 5 were chosen by ___? No one knows, but I'm guessing they weren't professional writers, or English professors.
3. Once the top 5 were revealed and a poll was made, it became a popularity contest ( I got messages from more than one of them asking for my vote)

Maybe other servers have better contests?
yes im kidding, i dont know myself either, and i dont like it also that not everyone who wants to get it, will be able to get it. at least thats what i understand under contest. but we will see, maybe its a weekly contest and lots of people can get it in time.

About contests on forum, we dont have any on my live forum? The mods tried a battle contest in november 2016 but it was cancalled in early start. Was some kind of chess of players vs mods, but the mods didnt give enough input so it was stopped when the mods had to do their first move ^ ^.

Ooh we also had another contest 'find mistakes on the wiki' but i dont really count that as a contest, it call that free work :)


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Elvenar Team
You have been asked to vote on what size you would like the building to be. Not what contests have been run on other servers.

So as I said if we could stay on topic by voting for which size you would prefer that would be lovely and you will make me a very happy bunny ;)


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I'm not sure how we are supposed to make an informed vote with no information or discussion.

It's like asking us to pick the color of a new vehicle, when we don't know if it is going to be a bicycle, a train, or a 747. Also we have no idea what the vehicle will cost, how many will be available etc etc.

I love that Inno is trying to involve the players in a decision, but this is falling under the same category as when Timon says "We are doing something, but can't tell you what, or when"

If we can't discuss the subject of a community based building when discussing the size of a community based building, then this thread should only be a poll, and be completely locked to comments.

After all, what possible comments are there on shape? (and it is shape, not size since they are all 4 square options) 1x4 and 4x1 are very very much the same thing, and 2x2 is only slightly different in that it can be buffed, and in theory needs a little more road.
Some players will feel that a 2x2 is easier to place, and some players will think a 1x4/4x1 is easier.

Having players post "I like 2x2 better because it is easier to fit" or "I like 1x4 because it is easier to fit" repeatedly is rather redundant when the poll already reflects those opinions.
i agree with you that its like deciding which direction to walk in the dark. and i doubt my answer on poll 1 will be still the same after i have seen the result of poll 3 :)

Electra Firestorm

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The game developers are looking for ideas from Elvenar players for the next Community-Based Building. They're asking for the size, style and effect you’d like to see added to the game. Here's my suggestion.

I like this idea of taking our suggestions of what type of new building we would like to have in Elvenar and putting it to a vote. Wish it wasn’t being offered to a select few. I don’t have access to social-media sites, only the Elvenar Forum.

Since it’s a challenge finding space in our cities for all those cool and beautiful event buildings we are being rewarded with, I like the idea of a 2x2 building with a smaller footprint using up less space.

I imagine a building that looks like a Dragon’s Cave with a dragon resting inside or circling or perched on top guarding the treasure contained within. It could look different for elves and humans.

Take a look at the Humans “Prison of the Condemned” which has a giant griffin sitting on top and guarding a dungeon full of undesirables. I haven’t seen a building similar to that for the Elves. Maybe they don’t have crime or maybe troublemakers think they might be fed to the Vallorian Seasnake.

Elves and Humans forged a bond with dragons and agreed not to hunt them nor take their treasure. In exchange, every 24 hours a dragon will come out of its cave and place on the ground a random resource (Coins, Supplies, Relics, Rune Shards, KPs, Instants, Boosts, Goods, etc.), or a magical wand made from an oak tree growing in a pond -The Enchanted Wand of Seclusion.

The Wand can be stored in your inventory. When you’re ready to use it, point the wand at a building but use it well. For only once can you use its spell. You will find the building you cast a spell on stored away. Look in your inventory when you wish to rebuild it someday. It can be used the way we use Instants.

To recap what type of building I’d like to see created in Elvenar:

Size: 2x2
Style: A Dragon’s Cave in the Sorcerers and Dragons Art Style.
Effect: Every 24 hours a dragon will come out of its cave and place on the ground a random resource or an Enchanted Wand of Seclusion, to be used to store buildings. Items the dragon gives you will be added to your supplies or placed in the inventory until ready to be used.
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Loki Blue

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So as I said if we could stay on topic by voting for which size you would prefer that would be lovely and you will make me a very happy bunny ;)
I like happy bunnies, which is why I let Balder sip my mead while I pretend not to notice.

I voted 2x2, because I find it a more pleasing form, and I don't see why size should determine function in a fantasy game.

Electra Firestorm

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No, we're not creating entirely new buildings just for 1 or 2 players but the exact ways to obtain it, will become more clear in the future. The idea behind it, is to reward the people who are not only players, but active members of our communities
Well this is good to know. The idea behind this new community-based building is to reward the people who are active members of the Forums.
If communities mean forums.

Uh oh, I think I'm going to get yelled at by Scoobydoo for not staying on the topic.

Electra Firestorm

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If you’re interested and want to join in on the fun, dismount your dragon and to the forum run! Head over to the discussion going on for
Community based building - Question 2