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[Communication] Emoticons in Chat

Are you in favor of this idea?

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Have emoticons in the chat

It would be helpful to have emoticons in chat. This shouldn't be hard to implement, as there are multiple emoticon repositories out there that could easily be purchased and implemented within the existing in-game FS chat.

Emoticons help with communication and make it more enjoyable. Most chat systems include emoticons because they are fun, and a welcome part of messaging. It would be great to have them here.

Possible downsides
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whisper tabs? we can already whisper!!!

yes a tab for mages and anything above would be helpfull.....


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Chat and mail could definitely need some upgrades.
I'm not a great fan of the emoticons everywhere, but they pretty much are incorporated in language anyway, so I see no reason why it shouldnt.


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I agree the whole system needs an upgrade... though I was hoping for a small incremental to actually happen rather than the devs just ignoring a large request. But everyone is right. I will amend my original post so it is clear on what we could/should ask the devs to look into.


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+1 It would be useful to be able to speak to neighbours as well as fs members. I think it would help the trader board considerably.


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*insert sarcasm/joke disclaimer here* The global chat can't have the slash-who function or else we would see just how empty the World Map really is.

Ibra Gonza II

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Hey guys!

I've opened this topic for voting and edited the opening post accordingly.
Please note that we will need separate ideas-topics for the additional suggestions (copy paste was discussed here ) like click-able links and whisper conversations.

Good luck!


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Please keep in mind this isn't an either-or. If you would prefer something else, and vote no here, it doesn't mean you get anything else, it just means the devs will think we never want emoticons in the chat.

Of course chat needs to be more user-friendly. Put a suggestion elsewhere for that.