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Implemented [City] Unclear Culture Bonus level


Ex-Team Member

So I was looking on my Culture levels and it is a bit unclear to me.
This is how I think it works now (I'm not sure about it...)

So I have 219 Culture on my own from my buildings.
For my (+140%) level I need to have 890 points. Everyone can see, that my 219 points are unsufficient to maintain this level. I get 800 points from neighborly help, so my total culture is 1019. From this I can sustain the bonus.

So I use all of my own points and 671 ponts from neighbors to get the level.
I am above the minimum points with 129. I need 781 more points to the next level, so the newt level is from 910 points.

This is a bit unclear (but it could be just me).

In my opinion it would be helpful to get these informations in this window:
Required for current level
Available culture from buildings
Neighborly help bonus
TOTAL (Available culture from buildings + Neighborly help bonus)
Culture surpass (TOTAL - Required for current level)
Needed for next level

Any opinions, ideas on this? :)


I think it's a great Idea and i would also add something on the main bar like "culture +x(neighbor bonus)" so you can see it directly how much culture you have and how much you get from the bonus'