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City too small to continue to participate in Mermaid Event


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I have just started my Beta City and am in Chapter 1.
I have been playing the Mermaid Event, but now I can go no further.
My current quest is to "put 10 Knowledge Points ... in my own or another's Ancient Wonder." However, I cannot complete this quest. I have the Knowledge Points but because I have not researched Ancient Wonders, not only can I not put any knowledge points in my own Ancient Wonder, but I cannot access Ancient Wonders in any other city. When I click on another's Ancient Wonder I get the message that I need to research Ancient Wonders.
Any work arounds? If one is trying to encourage being involved in the event and building ones city this is frustrating.
When this event opens in the other Worlds this would be an issue for new players there as well.


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Thank You SOOOOO Much!

When I looked at it this earlier this evening, I'm sure I did not see the "buy 5 Knowledge Points"

Either I missed it or someone has heard my lament, or those of others. I did notice on Gems of Knowledge that the buy 5 option is not listed for this quest, but it is given as an option for other quests that are similar, but require larger point usage.

Thank you again!

A Cat

You're welcome...I may have gotten lucky with that but I can't be the only one. :D


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I found the difference. On the PC I get the same quest you did, but when I look at the quest on my phone the option to buy knowledge points is not available.