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[City] Builders Hut - Option to chose when to use boosts !

Are you in favor of this idea?

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Being able to choose when to use Builder's Hut NH Boosts

It would be great if we could choose when to use the NH boosts we get on our Builder's Hut because it's a one time thing and its usually wasted on something silly before you even notice.

It would avoid situations where players accidentally use their NH bonus on minor upgrades/buildings. In other words: They'd get the most benefit out of their bonuses. This would also make NH help on the Builder's Hut more valuable.

Possible downsides
It would require an extra game mechanic, so extra dev time. Other than that: None.
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Just a simple window asking if you'd like to use your boost now would be great


It could be nice ! ANd If you can use them in one time :

2 boosters in a row, so my upgrade will take -20% less time ( max : -50% if you used diamonds )