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City [City] Bookend-style Buildings

Are you in favor of this idea?

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Add event buildings that come in pairs.

Since this got substantial support on the regular U.S. forum, I'm bringing it here for consideration

I think some sort of "bookends" buildings (perhaps event prizes as well as regular buildings) would be a welcome addition. Buildings that are available in pairs, with one that has art rotated 180 degrees, but is functionally identical, so that they can be placed on opposite sides of a road or entrance to a key building or area to form a kind of processional. They could be Rampant animals, like one might see on an old stone building entrance. Small cultural buildings would also be ideal. With identical pairs of buildings with only art variations, there is no need for the system to even see them as "rotated," they simply become like any two other buildings, only happen to look good in pairs. Among other things, the following would all make excellent building pairs with opposite facing partners.
  • Unicorns
  • Lions
  • Horses
  • Human/Elf figures holding swords aloft that tilt in one direction
  • trees that lean one direction or the other

One particularly good thing about the system I'm thinking about is that it actually is possible with minimal effort by artists, and no change in code at all, because the code doesn't need to know anything. As far as the system is concerned, these buildings wouldn't be "rotated" so much as two different buildings that have identical function but different art. There might be a Dexter Rainbow Unicorn, and a Sinister Rainbow Unicorn. A Dexter Stallion Rampant and a Sinister Stallion Rampant. No need for the code to even realize they look alike, it is just two buildings with different art.

As envisioned, the idea should have no effect on the mechanics of game play at all, while offering purely aesthetic choices that would be popular with players who are interested int he look of their city.

It does require new art (but I'm presuming that only means a relative simple "flip") and it does not require new mechanics of any kind. And if they were made available as part of an event, it would give added incentive for people to try for the matching prizes. If they end up with an odd number of one vs the other, they might even spend cash to get more tries at a matching pair.

Would give an extra touch to the looks of your city and would encourage players to try to win both event prizes in one pair, so improve player involvement.

Possible downsides
Means double artwork but on the other hand: When presented as 2 buildings, normally 2 buildings would have to be created as well.
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Yes please, this is a great idea!
Even if the mirrors of existing 2x1 buildings were made available on alternating events, that way we could always upgrade either the "left" or "right" building. If they come in pairs as a reward, so much the better.


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Seems like a very small bit of coding would allow a choice of L or R, either at claiming or even at placing.


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I just want to remind you, that only square buildings can be flipped without changing it's shape and the shadows would look weird, pointing towards each other. But otherwise..