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User Interface Choice of Building soldiers

Are you in favor of this idea?

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Implement tabs you can use to swtich through the military buildings

Is that possible that Inno can do a improvement
in barrack/training ground /mercenary camp

e.g. In Barrack
there is 3 button at top
1 assign to Barrack, 1 assign to Training ground, 1 assign to mercenary camp

by pressing that button
player can auto change to that kind of "recruiter- barrack, training ground, mercenary camp"

This save player time in exiting barrack
find training ground or mercenary camp
and do recruitment

All recruit soldier can be done in a single building
without back to city and re-select building

It would save the players some time.

Possible downsides
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Elvenar Team
Just to be sure I understand what you mean exactly: Do you mean something like tabs you can use to swtich through the military buildings?


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This doesn't fit my play style (no military buildings beside the barracks), but I see the advantage for players who have more than one building to train units. So my vote is yes for them :)

Sir Squirrel

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We need more votes on this one. I think it is a good idea, too bad the forums have become too quite now that there are no voters. Maybe we can get a little more time on the polls because no one is here at the moment.


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Three ppl voted against this, I wonder why? Too bad most of the time the negative voters never give explanations why they've chosen no. o_O