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Discussion Changes in declining quests


The point of my comments was in response to earlier mention that coins were supposed to be easy to obtain. I am not going to crunch the numbers, I am going by my memory of when we could not choose the quests to perform. My coins were dwindling down alarmingly, except when I declined to keep scouting out provinces, but why would I want to keep having to do that?
They are working on a new quest system as we were told earlier. I just wanted it out there that coins were easier for those with many neighbors, than those with a few. (Correction, I have six neighbors, but one is not going to be there much longer.)
Also, my fellowship does rock. Overall I think that culture provides me with more coins that the hall would provide.


In the days when the sidequest were nearly disabled I experienced the drawbacks of a deserted neighbourhood too.
I was at a point where I had too choose between upgrading my workshops further (3 builders and workshops around level 11), or save the coins to be able to send out the scout again, after he finishes the current scouting, because I had not enough coins to do both and I was/am in a full fellowship and still had around 45 neighbour cities in my neighbourhood(from a total of around 140 city spots :()!
So the missing ~90 would have become handy to collect coins back then and when the quest system is changed again to a similar way it is an even bigger disadvantage to sit in a deserted neighbourhood then it is already.