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Changes in declining quests


Dear Humans and Elves,

For the past few months, we have observed our quest system and we have come to the conclusion that it does not work as intended. We have found that skipping quests leads to massive problems in the game's behavior and its balance. What we found is that a lot of our players skip a lot of quests in order to get a single quest that is either already completed, or very easy to complete, in order to gain coins and supplies as a quick reward. Quests should not be the main way to receive coins and supplies, but they are rather meant to provide guidance through the game, and to teach you how to develop your own economy in the best way possible. This is why we will limit the number of times you can decline quests.

In the current system, it is possible to skip an unlimited number of quests. This will be changed with the update to game version 0.24, which is planned to be released on September 1st. In the new system, there will be the following restrictions on declining quests:
  • Every player can skip 1 quest per day
  • You can still get new quests just like you can now when you complete a quest, so you are of course not limited to just one quest per day
  • The count down until you can decline another quest will always be until midnight (servertime; which for Beta is UTC+2)
  • When you have skipped a quest during the day, the decline button will be grey and it will have a tooltip showing you how much time left until you can decline the current quest again:

Of course, we are always looking for feedback, also on this topic. Please share your thoughts with us in the discussion thread, and let us know what you think and why you think that, as this helps us a lot in improving the system further.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Over the past week, we have been following the massive amount of feedback on the quest declining limitations. We want to thank you once again for sharing this invaluable feedback with us, as your feedback is what matters most to us! We have been reading the discussion, and we have gathered all the factors that you pointed out, and we are currently in the process of analyzing all that feedback. There is something we can share already:
  • Due to the feedback you have given us, this feature will not be implemented on the live servers the way it currently is on Beta. For the live servers, we will rework the feature for a future update. It will not be part of 0.24.
On Beta, however, we don't want to go back to the old system that we had. Instead, we want to improve the system that we currently have, and we need your help to achieve this. We want to invite you to continue sending us your feedback in the discussion thread that we have created for this. We will do our best to keep replying to as many posts as we can, but you can at least be sure that we will thoroughly read every single post that has been made, even if we don't reply to it immediately.

In case of any questions or comments regarding this, please post your thoughts in the discussion thread, so that we can have this discussion with you.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Due to your amazing feedback, we have been thinking of other approaches to the quest system. And, as promised last week, we would like to share some more information with you about what we will be doing with the current feature that limits declining quests to one decline per day. Thanks to your input we are considering some possible improvements of the quest system, and today we would like to share the first steps we will be taking with you over the coming period of time.

First of all, we want you to know that we will be reworking the feature. This will take time, as there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Because of that, we will turn off the feature on Beta for now. That means that you will be able to decline quests as before again once the feature has been deactivated.

When will the feature be deactivated?

What will be changed before releasing another rework of the quest system?
The first step we want to make is to make the quests "smarter", which means that we want them to take your progress into consideration better than they are doing now. An example: if you have a city with only level 15 buildings, you will never be able to complete an upgrade to a workshop. This is something we want to address, as such a quest does not make much sense for you as a player at that point. We will also be working on rebalancing the quests to make them more appealing to complete.

There are a few more things we have in mind to improve the system, which we will be able to reveal later on.

We want to thank you once again for providing us with the massive amount of feedback we have received over the past week. Your comments have been invaluable, and we hope to see lots of feedback for every update we do in the future as well.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team