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Duplicate Can't use my last diamond


World: ZZ1
Account: Hoshi

Description: I wanted to research Ancient runes in the research tree, but i was short on Crystals with 6 pieces. It gave me the option to buy it with one diamond, so I wanted to use it, because it was bugging me that I had that lonely diamond on my account. When I clicked the button it gave me internal error, refreshes the page, and gives back the diamond, and the research is not done.

Before the research: http://prntscr.com/65qdx8
After clicking the button: http://prntscr.com/65qewl

Expected: Being able to use diamond.

What I can think about:
1: The Crystals cost more than 1 diamond, but the program rounds it down on the button. So I should pay 1.4 diamonds, but I'm not able to do it because I have only 1.0.
2: The research could be buggy, but this is unlikely as someone would already report it. (If it is reported then sorry, didn't find it.)
3: Very unlikely: The diamonds server is not working.


Yes, it seems to be related to that bug. Thanks methusu. :)