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Cannot access waypoints in Forbidden Ruins.


Active Member
This should be a bug report, but I'm on my Google pixel 2xl and can never get the reporting right.
I opened my city today with Forbidden Ruins active. I claimed my first days points. When I went to explore the waypoints I could not get in. I tap and the icon just blinks.
Also I have no knowledge points in my city.
I signed out and back in, but no change.
Thank you.

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
Try updating your app. As we have seen before, if the main version of the game, not the Beta version, is not new enough, events will only partially work until you update.


Active Member
Aldarion, thank you!
That was exactly what I needed to do.
My app is set to update automatically, but I've been traveling so much lately that I've not always have had internet. I assume that it skips the update if I open without internet. Previously I thought it would update the next time I opened on internet, but apparently not!

Thanks again!