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Bonus Recalculation - Changes in Culture


Elvenar Team

Dear Elves and Humans,

With our next update (to version 0.12), one of the major changes will be the way the Culture Bonus works. We are doing this to make it easier to understand, and also to make the balance in the game better. You are supposed to reach the first two Bonus levels on your own and therefore they will grant a 25% bonus. The last two Bonus levels are intended to be reached with Neighborly Help and this is why they will give only a 10% Bonus.

Current system
We currently have four levels of Culture Bonus, as shown in the image below. You will need a certain Culture surplus when you want to reach higher levels, the amount of which is a bit hard to understand at the moment.

Currently, many players are trying to reach the highest levels by themselves without relying on neighbors (like in the image above). This costs them a lot of space in their cities and holds them back, as they don't have enough room for Residences, Workshops and Manufactories, because all the space is taken by Culture-providing buildings.

New system
With the new system, we hope to overcome the problem described above. We intend on players reaching the second Bonus level by themselves, but rely on neighbors to help them reach the highest Bonus via the Neighborly Help feature.

As you can see in this second image, we have adjusted the values for the various bonus levels a bit: the first two Bonus levels are now slightly higher, making it more worthwile to reach these Bonus levels on your own. The last two Bonuses are a bit smaller now, making it less attractive to go for these by yourself, but rather rely on your neighbors to help you with those.

On top of these changes, you will now also always need the same amount of Culture between Bonus levels. Example: if you need 1000 available Culture to reach the first Bonus level, you will also need an extra 1000 available Culture to go from Bonus level 1 (125%) to Bonus level 2 (150%), and so forth.

Note: The required amount of available Culture to receive a bonus is still variable, but the distance between the Bonus levels is now always the same, rather than the current varying in the distance between these levels.

The new way of calculating the required Culture for a Culture Bonus will be easier to understand for you and estimating these values should turn out to be easier as well, making planning your city just that bit more convenient.

We'd like to invite you to share your feedback on this change in the discussion thread. We're looking forward to your feedback!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team