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Bonjour les Venar de Français :)

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moi c'est maltor je viens de commencer il y as quelques jours Elvenar,
Et je propose quelques vidéos de gameplay sur ce nouveau jeu d'innogames !

Si vous aimez vous pouvez vous abonner et me donner des astuces si vous jouer depuis plus longtemps que moi :)

Amy Steele

QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
Hi maltor and welcome to the Elvenar forum :)

Thanks for the videos! Please be aware that according to our rules the only permitted language is English. This rule applies even in the Lounge where things are a little more relaxed. This is to aid communication. As we have players from all over the world it is best to have one common language and the chosen language is English.

I have locked this thread, but please do feel free to re-post in English. It is permissible for the videos to be spoken in a language other than English, provided they are related to Elvenar.
Not open for further replies.