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Cannot reproduce black "Theme"


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Game version: v1.12.4-(f3617cd) (2016-08-08 9:41)
Game world: BETA 1
Browser + version: Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m
Flash Player version: You have version 22,0,0,209 installed
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview
Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
Account name: Elevenar
Humans or Elves: Humans for sure ;)

Reproducibility: 1/5

Current situation:
The map went all black while the UI was still there.
Not sure, how I did/got that. Just let the game opened, switched between several (not browser) windows and when I came back 1 or 2 minutes later it looked like that. The UI was still working and a click on "Research" brought back the game to normal status.

Most likely your are not able to re-produce this, but perhaps other players have the same bug, or you can imagine where the map gets set to not show.

Expected situation:
Map should not get lost or perhaps accidently set to FALSE or whatever.


20160815 bug_black.gif


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My version appeared on a tournament battlefield

black theme battle.jpg

Game version: v1.12.4-(f3617cd) (2016-08-08 9:41)
Game world: Beta1
Browser + version: Firefox 48.0
Flash Player version: 22,0,0,209
Operating System: Windows 7
Screen resolution: 1366 x 768
Account name: Mink
Humans or Elves: Elves
Reproducibility: 2/5
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well reason is the same from my observing, getting this black screens everywhere everyday, most of the time its when game start taking too much memory 2,5+ gigs, and doing 150+ NH is like guaranted for me to get black screen between loading areas through half or 1/3 of my screen
or just playing long enough (few hours straight)
end result is flash player crash



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I doubt it has to do with 150+ NH, lack of RAM (2GB+ free) or playing for hours, cause I don't ... or can't, cause the game needs reloads regularly in even shorter time. For that last reason I even reload the game sometimes, even if it is not messing around.


King of Bugs
well that was my case, i have had opened task manager and watched it, every single NH (means also that game needs to load another city not yet visited) adds to ram and when adobe flash reach around 2-2,5g used memory it starts causing this, reload of course works, but I personally not realoding often, only when it bugs out


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ah ok, what you describe is actually an old, long annoying, bug ... which should have been solved already.


ah ok, what you describe is actually an old, long annoying, bug ... which should have been solved already.
It's quite common for errors to occur or re-occur when fixing other parts of the code. In bug-fixing, solving one problem, more often than not creates problems somewhere else.


Elvenar Team
Elvenar night mode? Certainly looks interesting. Unfortunately have been unable to reproduce so far. If anyone has more detailed reproduction steps please do let us know. :)