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Big quantity of goods


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I shall have wish to make a small poll to know if many players had an important quantity of goods stored in the main hall.

I made left of former player and I have at present more than 10 million goods which do not serve me in much (except to help the members of my fellowship)

If we are very in this case it would be necessary to think of finding a utility in all these goods, but so few players have big quantities of goods I understands that time
game developers
do not take care of it.

Thank you in advance for your answers


I don't have enough goods to clear provinces. I am really struggling.


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Thank you for your bobbykitty answer

I have to ask the same question on the French forum and or not much world is in my case or they do not say it because that suit them.
I am thus going to guard my stock to help my fellowship and wait that one day it will be of use me to something.:p


King of Bugs
it greatly depends on playstyle, people who can log to elvenar once per day and have production set to 24h will have much less resources then people with 3h production whole day + 9h at night.