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Beta Keys Distribution

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Dear Elves and Humans,

Elvenar Closed Beta has started only few days ago but you welcomed us very warmly already!
We want to officially thank you for your amazing support, your first positive feedback and your great interest in the game.

We know that a lot of you are impatiently looking forward to getting an invitation to play.

Since Elvenar Closed Beta opened its doors, we have been sending out big batches of e-mails with beta keys on a regular basis, to all users which pre-registered and validated their e-mail addresses. So make sure that you validated your e-mail address already.

You are wondering, why you pre-registered, validated your e-mail and still did not receive any key?
Please understand that we send out e-mails cronologically, so that the first pre-registered users are the first players served. And we are talking of thousands of pre-registrations ;).

Please do not worry if you could not gain a beta key on our social media (facebook, Twitter or Google+). The keys distributed there are not our main channel of distribution. We distribute our keys per e-mail, and this process is steadily and on-going ;).

We would really like to give to many of you the possibility to be among the first users trying Elvenar, but we need to proceed in steps.

The reason for this is mainly technical: The Closed Beta with a gradually increasing number of users, allows us to monitor our server stability and to promptly fix the first major problem arising with the game and to ensure all players the best game experience from the start and for the future.

You will all rock Elvenar with us sooner or later :)!

Thank you for your understanding!
Have a nice week end :)

Your Elvenar Team​
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