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Beginner Tips & Tricks Guide


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May I introduce my Tipp?
It makes sense to put Residence (the basic-ones for 200 coins each) on free places (if you have any). Because they are profitable after 2-3 hours and it doesn't harm, to sell them afterwards at any time, but they earn some coins in the meantime.


Yeah i think i put that ip already but not in that form, i use them to get extra population to fill space as they dont need roads for that. If you saw my town you can see that :p but i will add this one to :)


THANK YOU, AGAIN I give my friends who start playing the link to your guide ;)


Thanks ^^

To everyone else, if you have any tips, that i did not include here feel free to post it here and i will update the guide :)


That was added there over a month ago, there is some pattern to it, not sure what exactly tho. Im at 8 or 9 now :)


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It could be that it starts newly with every new era you reach. I'm at era 3 and I have to conquer 4 provinces. For the last expansion I had to fight more. Not really sure about that though.


Just wanted to say that this is EXCELLENT stuff and THANK YOU for all the effort you have put in for the benefit of others.

I have read and in turn benefited a lot from this guide, keep up the greatness! ;)


Added two new Town Tips, and removed 1 exploration tip that was not relevant any more.


The world map tessellates, so there are only 9 unique city+relic arrangements. While a particular type of relic sector may be one ring further way, all cities will have local access to all 9 types of relics in their first two rings.

There's a bit of distortion because their are twice as many relic sectors as city sectors. It's convenient to think of the rings as being diamond shaped (which may be all too true).
  • Ring 0 is your city, which counts as one of the 9 local cities
  • Ring 1 has unique 6 relics and 2 cities (East and West)
  • Ring 2 has 10 relics, 3 unique and 7 duplicates
  • Ring 2 has 6 cities (NE, East, SE, SW, West, NW)
  • Each ring has 8 more sectors than the previous ring
  • Every 3rd ring will have a lot of cities, because all 4 vertices will cover a city.
Relic boosts aren't randomly selected, rather they match the sectors that are to the north, southeast, and southwest of your city when you are initially placed on the world map. The implication, of course, is that there aren't any "rare" relics, so trading opportunities are based only on the development and discovery of your 200 nearest neighbors, and their activity levels.

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Thank you a lot!
It might be updating some advice , following the updates.
And this discussion, and that of ThePhantom (Encounters Guide) and others suchlike could be moved to a special forum.