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[Battle] New Set-Buildings ?

Are you in favor of this idea?

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King Luckybaby

Active Member
Implement Set Buildings with units.

Currently Set Buildings are used for Resources/Mana/Seeds, but not (yet) for battle units. The idea is to implement sets for fighters.

With the increase demans in troops (e.g. for the Spire), extra units would be welcome.

Possible downsides
This would come instead of the "usual" Set Building rewards and considering the current number of fighters vs negotiators, it would probable have a negative effect on more players than the benefit it brings to the relatively small group of fighters.
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Well-Known Member
we have 3 buildings to create troops but only 5 positions, I believe that if we have 3 buildings each one should be able to produce 5 positions, that is 15 in total
if we want to promote the battles to create them faster would be appreciated or we will not be able to fight until be done.

King Luckybaby

Active Member
The current Set-Buildings produce extremly many goods ........

Why not Set-Buildings with warriors
Extremly many Warriors - like the "Goods-Sets"

Loki Blue

Well-Known Member
All events I played
Always set buildings with tools or goods
Why not the opportunity - as at the harvest or the Christmas Event
We were able to collect several sets
Why not in the future ?
Both of them
But Sets with Goods and Tolls and Sets with different types of warriors ?

And again - sorry for my English !
Your English is fine, no worries! :D

What kind of Warriors would you like to see?

King Luckybaby

Active Member
Greetings everyone :)

In the beginning we build factories .....
then the wonders come slowly
they support us very well
then we got the sets
fabulous sets

Of course - many wonders bring us warriors - but when do we get the wonders?
Some culture buildings bring us warriors - but only two !!! :(

The sets of goods have all immediately - even beginners !
Everyone can decide - which set do I want - and collects at the events the "pieces" for trying on the special days - with a bit of luck - what you will have then - with many "pieces" to get the "wish object"

Well - we have the possibility to get all goods, tools with sets
Why not sets with all warriors? ;)

The next event - it would be nice - if I (we) could choose between set buildings for goods or set buildings for warriors ! :)
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Loki Blue

Well-Known Member
So you would like them to offer us sets that produce different warriors? That would be helpful for many players, especially those who are very active in the Tournaments, and now we have the Spire. So many more troops are needed, more than one can normally produce.

A fair idea. +1 :)

King Luckybaby

Active Member
A lot of entries here !!!

A little reminder :)

What is now ?
The time has come
We should get new set-buildings
They should produce a lot of different warriors -
like the "goods-sets"

Good for the tournaments - good for the spire ;)

What is your opinion ?

King Luckybaby

Active Member
Of course - not like these :):):)

But - all warriors that we have

Everyone can then decide - what do I need ?

A player with a Dwarven Bulwark will not necessarily need a set building that
will produce Axe barbarians

Everyone could put together their desired set


I would really like this. I am rather board with seeds, mana, etc in sets. Recently we have seen some broken runes (which negates a wonder) so it would be nice to see some more variety in set buildings. It would make since to have troops we can't already get for free but I think that is less of an issue, especially when some free troop wonders aren't until quite late in the game.


Even an expiring building like the Ferris Wheel Galore where you could ask for X troops each day would work, if they were worried about making something permanent. Of course then it would have to yield a nice number of troops. You could decide when to place it, for example when you know you are going into a chapter when you would be short on supplies to build your own troops or when your barracks upgrades are lagging your squad size upgrades or whatever.

King Luckybaby

Active Member
My capital is in Elvenar of germany

I have all wonders - many goods and warriors
But - I always read here - what are the problems ?
What could help ?
More goods for the "Russian roulette" or more
warriors - to limit the losses (Spire) ?
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Elvenar Team
Me appearing with my tin hat in place (cowering) I really do not agree with this (as a pacifist) all we have is the extras we get from the set buildings. But you (thugs) fighters get buildings that give you extra troops plus what you get from AW's. So I fail to see how you (thugs) lose out.....

Crawls back quietly into the background :D