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Implemented [Battle] Explain the combat system


From this thread:

There's always new players who post in forums stating that they don't understand how 1 single orc can kill 20 of his archers; specially when, previously, a 20-units orc squad had killed 40 archers!!! Those numbers don't add up!! What's wrong with this game? It's all buggy!!!!!!!!!!
I know I was there, too...

So I suggest you guys explain this to new players, using the tutorial, some quests, whatever.

As forum member sorella briefly and clearly put it in another thread: "The power of the enemy-squads doesn't get down in parallel to the killed members of the squad."

In my words: "When you kill some units from a squad, all health that those units were providing is 100% gone. BUT, the damage value that they were providing only decreases by a certain %. The way this works is when a squad is reduced to 1 single member, it still has 50% of its original damage value."


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This is the info that has been provided so far:
The total Squad Hitpoints value corresponds to the living Units and is given from: Total Hitpoints/Unit Weight. The total Squad Damage is not reduced for every lost Unit by its damage. A squad where some Units are lost attacks with at least half the Damage of a full Squad even when only one Unit is left.
I agree that stating this early in the game is required (it's been a long time so I do not remember if it's mentioned). Combat tooltips may help to provide more info, but I'm not sure they will lower the confusion for newer players (as can still find it weird and question how it works if they don't get the bolded info in the quote above).