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Implemented [Battle] Combat improvement ideas


Another thing i would recommend to make combat less, well, straightforward.

Add dmg reduction for ranged units fighting in melee.

Add ability to do flanking, backstab dmg depending where you strike in relation to the enemy.

Add skills that are activated on units not just passive abilities.

All in all if you want to know how to make proper grid based turn combat system in browsers peek at the heroes online :)

Right now the combat is bland at best, poor ai getting stuck everywhere dont helps, neither are weird bugs here and there like crazy dmg by 1 unit :p

Add Tooltips when you hover over enemy that shows aprox. dmg

Add more info to unit details, like retaliation dmg that is not mentioned there, as they hit roughly about 5x less when retaliating. But its only a guess.

Add aprox attack range of your and enemy units when you hover over them!

I know its still early stage, but because its early stage i want to point out all those obvious things to me so they will be considered in planing.

I would like to add i was in Heroes Online alpha for 1.5 year as well, and now my community have 1k~ members guild there since then.

Many of our members are interested in this game as it offers, on first glance comparable combat with more town management. But combat is still light years away to that kind of level of quality.

Hopefully by the time game will be ready for open beta all of it will be properly addressed.
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This is the best fit that i could find for my suggestion..although i doubt that this will get changed :p Wouldn't high resolution sprite based units be more resistant to looking dated at some point, while also possibly saving on system performance ? Units in FoE are too far to see real detail but here they are far closer (maybe too close ? the battlefield seems a bit too small)


It is a bit small, but its mainly because units can move so damn far, and there are close to no tactical options available. Combat right now is very boring. Its much more efficient to just negotiate most of it ;P


Khebeln great idea. But you keep saying of how getting new/sub races is not possible at the moment. Now you are asking for something that will cost time too.


Time efficient but not resources efficient ;)
I have production rate in Tens of thousands a day so yeah, it is :p

Khebeln great idea. But you keep saying of how getting new/sub races is not possible at the moment. Now you are asking for something that will cost time too.
Its nowhere near as costly to do this, as those are mostly code changes and ui updates, with adding a new race a cost to change almost every race related feature would add 1/3 cost to do anything.

Im not saying it would not be nice to have 1 more race, im saying it wont happen realisticly. At least not any time soon if ever.


Of course it will be added, look at it positively.
I look at it positively, but im not naive and i know how game development and cost calculation work in game design. I know what you can expect and what you should not, we can hope all we can but in the end the last word is for people holding the money not the developers.


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Fortunately we can say we have Inno here and not Shinezone or Goodgame Studios which are only focused on premium (real Money) Features and don't deliver Content.

But i go with you that the combat System Needs a ramp up. I don't know which Upgrades Units get by upgrading them because the wiki gives false Information about that.

But atleast flanking bonuses should be given so we can compete with the horribly overpowered NPC.


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This idea has basically been implemented and more new units with special abilities will keep coming :)