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[AW] Additional kp buttons for wonders

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Add an extra button for 10 KP in an Ancient Wonder at once, or to type in the amount you want to donate.

Currently, there are 2 buttons for adding kps to wonders. An all kp button and a single kp button. It would be nice to have 1 or 2 additional buttons. or @pompeywolf suggestion of having a quantity box to type in the amount. Great suggestion.

During times of research, I usually go down to 5 kps a day. It would save 4 clicks by having a 5 kp button. There are also wonder threads with 10 kp and 30 kp donations maybe a 10 can be added as well.
During events when asked to spend 10 kps and one doesn't have an wonder instants, it would save clicks.

Possible downsides
Especially the text box might be technically more complex than it seems, and of course UI reasons. Other than that, none.
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i was thinking yesterday that i would like to be able to type in how much i want to give, like in the trader. so i can be accurate in giving the larger amounts


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Just a minor point: those wonder threads for 10 or 30KP usually are using instants earned in the tournament, so would likely be unaffected by this suggestion.


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10kp should be enough. good for when you have a kp spell on or on specific tournament days with lots of KP coming in.