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City Aureate Phoenix and Storm Phoenix Feeding Time extension and Panda review


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Overall, old Phoenixes (minus fire) and worst evolving building in the game, Coldfire Phoenix, need a rebalance to deserve their place in the city, at least at higher chapters.

They still can't be enhanced with culture spell, after almost 4 years since debut.
Gold/hammers productions of Storm Phoenix are simply not needed in high chapters.
Storm Phoenix producing 57450 mana per 48h in chapter 20, when Watchful Winter Owl produces 67200 in 24h, Shaman produces 64000 in 24h, and revelers fountain produces 207000 in 24h, is a complete misunderstanding.
Golden Phoenix produces less T1 goods in 48h, than some set buildings produce in 24h (Wizard Set).
Golden Phoenix'es effect is not that useful, as it only takes base production into account, ignoring relic bonus
(exactly same problem with cauldron buffs effects and ancient wonders bonus, around 70-80% of your goods production in manufactories comes actually from relic bonus).
Won't even mention Coldfire Phoenix, this trash was mentioned too many times and still given no response.