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Atlas "les géants are seeking for new players (international guild)

Ursus Major

Well-Known Member
We are a french fellowship but we have members from all over the globe :)
We are a very dynamic compagny, we open 10 chests or more on each tournament
We are climbing the donjon to the top each week too (but we help players to do so :)
and we participate to the fellowship adventures too

If you have the sense of adventure
Or, if you want to progress quickly , we help our players to progress in many different ways
But we ask people to participate, because we are an active fellowship, and it's not because we are playing on beta that we are some ghost

No matter if you are an elf or a human, here we collaborate
If your are interested please let us now
you can send a message on the beta to
and to Maxiqbert

Have fun !