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Events Artifacts


Now that phoenixes can be crafted in the magic academy, could you add phoenix artifacts to the next week adventure's rewards in the common servers? Or maybe design something like an 'Universal Artifact' that could level up 1 stage of whichever evolving building you want to? That would be great for the players that want to focus on one evolving building and finds it hard to get the specific artifact needed.


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@Drea not only Phoenixes were added to MA, so there is no need to focus only on phoenix artifacts. I'm sure they'll find the right time when to offer one.

And to universal artifacts - the reason why am I against I have said several times, so here are just links to my previous posts, coz still having the same opinion:


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Elvenar Team
There are pro's and cons to this idea, and it's something that's already been discussed internally, so for now I'll archive this thread :)