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Trader APP - Trader, More choices in Offers


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On Computer
In trader
On tab Offer
It is possible to choices fellowship, goods and sentient goods
It is possible to mark all 3

in trader
on tab offer
It is possible to choices "No fee"

I want to have the opportunity to choose FellowShip first, I have neighbors on world map who put a lot of trades in, sometime it is hard to find my FellowShip.
I want to take the trades for my FellowShip before I take for others.

I would also like the 2 other options that are on computer. (came after upgrade off trader when it possible to have sentient goods)
If in APP it is only possible to choose one of the 3 options at a time and you cannot mark all 3 as on computer, that is ok for me.



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Yes it correct this is only for APP user.
But all computer already have that opportunity.
I just wish that what's possible on PC is also possible in APP