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App 1.138.1 marks expired buildings


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Thanks a lot for this APP feature, because I always struggle with finding expired buildings!!

Here’s what’s going on: there is yet another unannounced APP feature in version 1.138.1. It’s the visual change marking expired buildings in the “flat move mode”. While all the event buildings are displayed in light blue color, the expired event buildings are shown in darker blue and translucent.

Sorry I can’t show screenshot right now.

EDIT: the color might actually be violet, lol. Nevermind, you'll understand what I mean when you check it out for yourself. :p
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To mark expired buildings.
That is just what I was about to propose, but first wanted to check if it had been proposed before.

So, glad to see that this idea is not only proposed, but also implemented. At least in the app.

But: why not in the browser???

Or am I the only one to forget checking the several temporary, expiring buildings, just to find out dat they have expired long ago? Souping up the valuable space?

Please, there's no question about it if it is possible, it can be done rather shortly I guess?