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Seasons altering the weekly quests setup.

Bor de Wolf 1965

Well-Known Member
At this moment it is possible that you get 2 out of the 4 weekly quests that you don't want or can't do.
So on quest 1 you use the re-roll and get a new quest.
And now the nasty part on quest 2 you use the re-roll and get the same quest as quest was before.
Putting up a ticket is useless for support won't help you and you are stuck for a week before you get a new re-roll

My suggestion:
Every week they put in 6 different week quests and they only show you 4 of them.
If you want to do a re-roll on 1 or 2 quests you are assured you will get a new quest that you didn't had in that weeks lockout period.

Now only if you get an impossible week quest again like do a research in the tech tree while you are scratching at the end wall with all researches done or fight in what ever while you are playing the pacifist style game or use portal profit spells while you are done with the last chapter or still before chapter 6.
Support has to help you, else you have to do the new quests, if you like them or not.

Positive part:
You can't get the same quests back for you are guaranteed to have 6 different quest with only 2 visible.

Negative part:
Not for the players.
The game database will get a little bit bigger

Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
Every week they put in 6 different week quests and they only show you 4 of them.
I see problem with this part. I can imagine Inno giving us 4 nasty quests a week.
It would be simply better to give us more re-rolls. Best would be infinite like i wrote before, but more re-rolls would work too.

Bor de Wolf 1965

Well-Known Member
I would agree that 4 re-rolls could help but out of 4 nasty quests there are always 1 or 2 you can do even if you don't like it.
I am stuck with a quest asking me to use 2 portal profit spells so I would end up with 10% of the 2 items I need to make but I am stuck with 1 item I have only room for at about 6 to 7%, so a total waist of an expensive PP spell.
So I did re-roll on that one and I got a task I could complete, no problem there.
I had a second quest I did not like and used the 2nd re-roll on it and got the use 2 PP spells again.
With my suggestion I would never get the first re-roll quest back again that week.