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Contact(ed) support Again withdrawal of diamonds


Well-Known Member
Good morning

I just played the rook and knew 100% that I still had enough diamonds.

Suddenly I see that I have - 25 Diamonds - WITHOUT any prior announcement or anything like that.
And I don`t have done a mistake.:(

If you don't want me anymore, please let me know. I'm starting to get really angry.


P.S. Oh yes - I also had enough goods etc

Dorfl the Clay

Well-Known Member
Same happened to me just now... absolutely sure I had enough diamonds to buy at least 3 premium expansions, after attempting to buy the second one the game returned 'an internal error'. After rebooting my amount of diamonds was negative! Thought maybe I made the mistake and bought some more diamonds (stupid but there you go).. and exactly the same thing occured.. The system is STEALING diamonds! Have made a support ticket.. hope they can (and will!) fix it!!!


Same issue. It seems that when you use diamonds (I spent 25 to get through a chest in the spire), it subtracts everything you have plus 25, so you end up with -25 diamonds. I have contacted support about it. Hope they will restore my appr. 3000 diamonds...