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Not a Bug After a trade goods not updated


Well-Known Member
I assume he wants to tell us, that for him the number of goods after a trade does not get updated till you reload the game. Hasn't happened to me yet though.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Thank you for your report. This is not a bug, but it is the result of changes that have been made recently regarding the way the game handles interactions between players. These changes were necessary in preparation for future improvements and to fix other bugs. This is the way it works now: When your trade gets accepted, you get the goods you asked for when your trades are processed. And this now happens when you a) login, b) open the trader, so not right away anymore. This means when Fellowship members help each other and players get notifications of accepted trades, they don't see their goods yet until they opened the trader (or reloaded the game). Unfortunately we missed it in our Release Notes (we did mention the game changes but missed this one to specifically explain). We will do so in the next Release Notes and will do our best to include it in the original Release Notes on our Live servers. Sorry for the confusion caused by it :)