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Advice Wanted: How to best win these battles?


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Here are five battles, all from the same province. Some info:
I am at the end of Chapter II, one province away from next chapter.
My squad size: 69
My units: Sword Dancer II, Elven Archer I, Cerberus I, Treant I.
Each encounter gives 4 points (as you can see from the screenshots below).

First battle:

Second battle:

Third battle:

Fourth battle:

Fifth battle:

So far the best solution I have come up with is to not fight at all and to just negotiate the encounters. But I'd love to hear some suggestions how to win, preferably without losing over half of my units each time.


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Your squad size is outnumbered so there will be decent losses, perhaps more then you like. I havent tried out the "new" cerbs so I havent always listed them below but when the tactic is anti-mage first (a lot is) cerbs could be mixed/swapped with archer suggestion.

Battle 1 - negotiate as it is so cheap regardless of battle system. You could try 4 archers and a treants. Archers target mages then run away/assist treant with steinling. I havent tried cerberus recently so they are another option perhaps 3 of those and 2 treants if cerbs are efective on mages. Either way expect to lose a lot of archers/cerbs

Battle 2 - 3/2 of archers/treants (could be flipped depending on damage to mages) Basically have 2 (3 if needed) kamikaze squads to eliminate mages then let treants get the steinlings

Battle 3 - 3 archer, 2 treants. Eliminate mages first then get treants into steinlings

Battle 4 - 3/2 combo. If 2 treants can handle 2 steinling go with the 3 anti mage units (archer/cerbs). Map is not great, ideally let enchantress close if you can avoid a hit or 2 otherwise you gotta rush which is not easy there.

Battle 5 - 4 treants and 1 anti mage unit. Anti-mage is intended to be kamikaze and must ideally kill mage before it dies.

All the best :)