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New Game Features Adding a "Button tab" to help visitor to help player 's ancient wonder


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Nowaday, player city buildings are very complex
each player try to sequzze some place out
and arrange their city building

sometimes, their AW is hiding inside a building forest
very hard to locate, even with a symbol of "AW-gear"
but their AW is very important to visitor while visitor are coming to exchange kp

I would like to suggest a "button" showing that player AW
visitor can press that button
it drop down a list of that player's AW in his city
it also show the status ...e.g. upgrading if it is upgrading, locked and cannot allow any more kp ( AW at level 5,10,15...)
visitor can further press a "AW name" if it is allowing visitor to access
it pop up that AW-research window, so visitor can start dumping the agreed "kp-exchange"


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What about a shortcut to a nominated Wonder, like we have in another game; it could be embedded in the exchange mail


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NO for me.
all suggestions will take too much datablabla.

FS' fix this problem to use the compass or U/D/L/R to make it easier.

With this button, nobody has a reason to visit another player's city besides being interested.
and yes; if that list is too complete; kp-hunters will get heaven and although i like 'free' kp's, this make the game a bit more unbalanced.