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User Interface Add Spire and Tourney Bank totals to main fellowship page.


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This has been proposed, refined, polled, passed the entire process and been forwarded to the developers here.
that is US forum and no one ever said that we can't propose a similar idea on another server. Since (apparently) there's no sync between CM+Forums from different servers, I think we should insist separately everywhere.

Enevhar Aldarion

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that is US forum and no one ever said that we can't propose a similar idea on another server. Since (apparently) there's no sync between CM+Forums from different servers, I think we should insist separately everywhere.

There is, sort of. Every two weeks, each forum CM picks three suggestions their forum voted for and then all the CMs vote on all those suggestions and then the top three, from across all the forums, are forwarded to the Inno devs. Of course, not all the forums will have three to contribute each time, since there are maybe only four or five really active ones? So maybe each time the CMs are picking the top 3 out of 15 or 20 suggestions. The US CM has told us it is pointless to make a suggestion again that was already sent to the devs.


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I've read almost all that thread from Lelanya's link. What I can see that in US forum there's a clear way to propose and develop an idea before is forwarded to your CM. By discussing it with other players is the most efficient way to clarify it, refine it and have the best result/ proposal possible before taking any furthers steps. I also noticed that CM are interpreting the Rules as they think (I would not go that far to say "as they please"), that there's not a clear guideline as those CM should act, interact. I find this extremely bad. All forums should be governed by the same rules and not by the interpretation of any CM.
*This reminds me another thing which was different interpreted - my signature in Beta and EN forums was similar, yet in EN forum was removed because was considered breaching the rules. Another thing, my posts where I signed Alcie (pet name from Alcaro given by another player and having absolutely nothing in common with my real name) were modified without even having the courtesy to ask before, just because they thought Alcie might come from Alice and ... too long story, but you can see what I mean.
Bottom line, the game's rules shouldn't be allowed to be interpreted by any CM. They should be so clear that no one could have a doubt or think that they might mean more or less or something else than is written.

Big sorry for the off-topic.
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Hi guys.
Let's please stay on topic and Beta related.

Players can absolutely share the same ideas across different Forums. :)
Some reminder links below:

Forum Rules: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?pages/forum_rules/
Ideas and Suggestions Guidelines for Beta: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/guidelines-ideas-suggestions-read-this-first.6130/
@Marindor discussing how our Forum processes Ideas and other important information as to how/why Ideas are shared with each CM and the Devs: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/inde...s-for-ideas-and-suggestions.17448/post-105614

Hope this helps! Please stay on topic and polite to all staff and player bases across our beloved Elvenar markets. Thanks!


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I was just checking to see if there was any progress in allowing us to see the tournament and spire archives between the events.

How many years did we have to wait to see blueprints?...


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My thought is, yes there needs to be improvement to how Perks are displayed, especially the Archive. I was one of the 20 'yes' votes that the Idea garnered, and if y'all think it would help to refine the Suggestion further, I am all for that.

The US Forum Suggestion blended a few ideas that were being tossed around once we had absorbed how the Perks really work. I think this Suggestion should really sparkle before we ask the CMs to vote on it again, though.