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Active Fellowship


New Member
I am looking for an active Fellowship
I am doing 2000 and more points in tournament and two levels in Spire of Eternity.
Bonus manufactur: steel, scrolls and elixir
I want exchange KP via messages as round agreement

The Silent One

Well-Known Member
And if you haven't found a new home and would like to help grow a new fellowship check out "Newbies Welcomed"! We consist of players from all around the world, all are active on live servers. We placed 48th in the last FA and average 6 chest weekly.
Tina - AM


New Member
Hi Evolution. fun fellowship would be happy to offer you a new home. We are a relaxed fellowship, but chatty and helpful. At the moment averaging 7 chests a week, were 25th on the last FA, normally do bronze on Spire but have push weeks from time to time to go for Silver.