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User Interface Account statement for premium currency (Diamonds)


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Translated (more or less closely) from THIS POLL
Summary: I would like players to be able to see, similar to a bank statement, when they received/spent how many diamonds for what.
Details: Given the recent issues on the beta server, where too much diamonds were given away by Innogames due to a bug and then (partially/unexplained) too many were apparently stolen from individual players (which sparked a shit storm on BETA and partly here too) I avoid such things and also lighten the support. I therefore recommend a button, either in the shop or in the game's support tab, under which players can see their scrolling profits/expenses, even months later. Since diamonds are basically the equivalent of real money, I consider it very necessary and actually almost mandatory. I imagine the whole thing as a bank statement, ala:
"Day 1, 3pm: Purchased 3000 diamonds for €19.99.
Day 1 16:37: Spent 25 diamonds in Spire
Day 1 16:39: Spent 9 diamonds to boost Barracks production
Day 1, 17:22: Won 200 diamonds collecting a Genie
Day 3, 19:21: Purchased Premium Expansion for 7200 diamonds (including 20% off sale) etc.
Current holding: X Diamonds

Pros: Avoid losing players when changes are needed due to bugs, annoyance for both players and Anthem, as everyone can instantly check their balance after receiving/spending slides. Since the support already has access to them, these databases already exist, so the effort to make them (each player's data) accessible should be limited. Bugs/errors would be recognizable quickly and in the long run. In case of a bug, there is an advantage for both the player (who received too few slides or had too many removed) and the operator (in the opposite situation, the player can refer to his logs).
Cons: I don't see any disadvantages, at best if I were to assume that the logs themselves are incorrect. But even in this case - through direct reports - this error should then be easier to explain.


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Edit: imho, a daily balance should be added, not only a “final” balance.
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Still no answers from INNO on what happened to our legitimate diamonds and how they will remedy this theft to every single player affected. They want everyone to already know that they lost diamonds to begin with (with no proof because we have no idea how many diamonds we had before all of this happened), then know how to use the forum, know how to navigate the forum to find what they are looking for (has INNO even noticed how chaotic the forum is these days, due to all of the bugs...kinda hard to find all of the posts you may be looking for) and know how to contact support.
Basically, they don't want to put in any effort to fix their error.
I don't know how the diamonds bug will ever be listed as "fixed" because how could the issue ever be fixed when the devs won't do anything about it?! They throw it all at Support to do what they can. That doesn't fix the fraud that has happened to all players affected.


Thanks to the
German Forum players for supporting us Beta players during this illegal issue that INNO refuses to correct.
I see support and astonishment coming from other forums and platforms too, like the US Forum, EN Forum, Elvenar Official Group Page, Discord, Twitter, etc.
We aren't being acknowledged by the INNO Games company but we appreciate everyone else standing up for us and showing their support.

For INNO's sake, it would be in their best legal interest to provide an always available account of each player's diamond activity.

(Yes, I'm still here to see how this all plays out ;))


My understanding is that some players did receive their diamonds back plus some additional diamonds as an apology. Others were told that it would be unfair to have the diamonds returned as the diamonds were given in error. While this may be true, there is no way to know the amount of diamonds removed were correct as we didn't get a statement....