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Not a Bug Access denied in app


Well-Known Member
Bug already forwarded in ITA forum, same here, access denied using app.


Details are in ITA forum, anyway IOS 17.0, iPad 9th, game version 1.184.1-7c2956f-256


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Ok, after half an hour it started again regularly. You can mark this as solved, or delete it.
Maybe some patch is been uploaded directly by devs.


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@Deadeye Jerry , if you’re asking me if it is “solved”, yes.
It was solved a couple of minutes later I posted the original report here.
Sorry, but that was a strange thing never happened before in such way.

Deadeye Jerry

Community Manager
Elvenar Team
It was reported on multiple markets and it was solved within a few minutes, if you experience it again, please don't hesitate to report it.