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Discussion A Valentine's Wedding


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Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the announcement for this year's Valentine's Questline Event here and let us know you thoughts!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


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ANOTHER event? Already?

That was my reaction after seeing the new event. I will try it here, on Beta, but on Live, where Elementals just arrived, I am going to skip it (except for the first few quests that ask for things I would do anyway).

Nearly 60 quests for less than 2 weeks seems a bit much...


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ta na na naaa ... another event! I'm happy! I have a new city and some additional pop/cult building will be great to have :rolleyes::)


clicking on Event's icon, shouldn't I see the Prize? Also what it gives for my chapter?
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I like events too, it's just that after a few years of those I must pay attention the "value" of the prize. This time it doesn't click, just a couple of moths back I replaced most of my previous pop+culture buildings and the main prize now doesn't really improve things that much.

Loki Blue

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So far, nine tasks in, I have to say that I don't mind the storyline (it's an improvement on the poacher), and the tasks themselves have been quick and easy. #9 is a 9hour job, which means I can move on to other cities. And I actually have a spot for the reward without demolishing anything, so that's very nice.


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Here is a video about the Valentine's Wedding Event that you can share with your friends and neighbors who do not have a city on the Beta Server.
It also has a link to our Event Note: http://bit.ly/2nIzmhP

Please give it a like and Subscribe on YouTube - if you would like to get more breaking news videos like this!
Most likely, this Event will come to the Live Worlds on 14th February.



And done. This is next event with solve encounters which I can't do coz I don't have a orcs, still 1 chapter to orcs. Why events are not for everybody? I don't like it.


Reward quest #23: 1 Broken Rune Shard :(
Reward quest #51: 1 Broken Rune Shard :mad:
Reward quest #55: 1 Broken Rune Shard :mad::mad:
Reward quest #57: 1 Broken Rune Shard :mad::mad::mad:

That's 4 broken shared I can't use ! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

When do we get the option to save more then 10 Broken Rune Shard ? It's been over a year that this was promised ! o_O:eek::confused::oops::rolleyes::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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@Jackluyt hi there! thanks for the quest list o.o I have a question, at Quest 6 I only needed to solve 2 Encounters and not 3.. Do you know if they got adjusted per research chapter?

Loki Blue

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It's 2 straight across the board; I'm in Chapter 5, and have other cities in lower chapters...it has been the same for all.
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I wish the reward gave a set bonus with last years valentines buildings that are still in my storage:p
Valentines day event didn't come as a surprise, neither was I too surprised that the building isn't that valuable when it comes to culture/population (well, to me at least). But I was a little surprised that they didn't add some "set" thingy (some resource for example) to boost the value a bit. As I said earlier I chose not to play this time but had there been some little extra (even a seemingly meaninles one), it might have pushed me into action.... yeah,a little disappointed.