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Quests A New Kind of Event Quest


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I have been playing Elvenar since July 2015, and I remember the excitement I felt way-back-when at the arrival of an Event. It was all so new, and a lot of fun! Over time, the fun wore off, and after 4 years of many Events and virtually no change to the quest system, the excitement turned into...well...tedium, and this is the same for many people, if the Forum Event Feedback is an accurate reflection of the true feelings of the player base. So, I started to wonder what might help make the quests feel exciting and fun again. I thought about some of the popular games people spend hours of their lives mindlessly playing on their phones, iPads, or PCs, and I began to imagine a way they might be incorporated into our game of Elvenar, without making the lives of the Development Team too crazy, or infringing on any copyrights. I have no idea what it would take to code these types of games, or change them up enough to legally be allowed to use some of them (if any issues at all?), but I'm thinking that as a break from the constant "make beverages/bread/groceries XX times", solve XX encounters", upgrade X buildings to level Y or higher", "gain or use X enchantments", etc type quests, maybe throw in a new type of quest here or there where you have to play a "mini-game" to satisfy the quest, with some instruction such as:

"Build the Puzzle":

Or perhaps "Earn 15,000 Points In Match 3 Game" (think "Elvenar Bejeweled"):
Elvenar Bejeweled.png

Maybe "Find 25 Items" in "Hidden Elvenar":
Spot the Differences1.jpg
Hot Air Balloon
Burning Pool
Bumble Bee
etc.. x 25 items, or however many they choose.

"Spot the Differences" in 2 side by side pictures"
Spot the Differences1.jpgSpot the Differences2.jpg
There are so many others that I can think of--but it would take more skill to create a visual than I possess--like a "memory game" where you click on 2 "hidden" objects hoping they match when they are revealed (match 2 coins, 2 hammers, 2 Orc Heads, etc). We used to play this as kids with playing cards turned picture side down and we called it "Concentration". Or how about maybe a "Maze" to get out of stinky Orcville as a quest, or even an Angry Birds type theme where you slingshot Fairies at approaching Goblins to save your city. Anything new and different is worth a try, imho, because the current quests could really use a bit of a freshening up.. :oops:

Thanks for reading :)


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I'm completely on your side, when talking about the need of changing current quest tasks, but not completely sure, if that way of change you suggest is enough applicable to this game. There is plenty of such games like various puzzle games, hidden objects or match games, and it would simply feel like game in the game. And I think that would be a very cheap move from Inno.
I consider your idea as a very good one, but I would definitely change the concept of suggested examples. We are in Elvenar, so any potencial event-minigame should interact with the story and style of this game (not just in graphics aspect). Consider this year's phoenix event and three phoenixes lost in a huge maze, navigating by food gained from event to the final gate, where we could rescue them and have in our city (instead of cheap giving them into first 3 quests), as my addition to this idea.


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In other games I've played where they introduced matching games or other mini-games, they basically were a way to get extra cash from players in order to get enough turns to complete them, etc. I hope Inno doesn't go that route. I agree that I'd like any mini-game introduced to have some relevance to Elvenar.

If it's part of an event, the challenge would be making it interesting and challenging enough to not feel like more clicking, while at the same time not making it too hard. I play Elvenar to relax, not to stress out.


Consider this year's phoenix event and three phoenixes lost in a huge maze, navigating by food gained from event to the final gate, where we could rescue them and have in our city (instead of cheap giving them into first 3 quests), as my addition to this idea.
Love the way you think, but I wouldn't make this too hard for beginning chapter players to get. I'm appreciative that we can get the buildings at a low level. We shouldn't be able to upgrade them to the max with artifacts (if they are continuing on this path) or even want to because there are benefits by evolved level one might miss out on and now it's over-leveled.

But yeah, wonderful job on the graphics and brainstorming but please not candy crush or any big fish type mini games. Elvenar is better than that.


@Aramina and @iDavis there could be some sort of mini game with the streets in our cities? Maybe obstacles you have to remove or if one hasn't upgraded their streets their citizens can't walk through the obstacles? For each obstacle you remove maybe you get small rewards, you know like a coin instants. I kid I kid. Maybe 5 army units? idk discuss and make graphics :D or maybe treasure turtle races?

See there's my treasure turtle and now he's racing around my city competing with my neighbor.

Outcome of the race: I won and received 52 crystal relics and petfood for my turtle to be able to jump street squares for the next race.

Maybe the way it moves is by creating different goods in your city. Then you compete with neighbors of the same chapter that can make the same goods?

I won because I took some of the marble I produce in my city, and built a road block on my neighbors streets that they had to remove. :D

It might also be cool to be able to collect different race animals and have our avatar riding it.
I would also suggest, that if you're above a certain chapter - level 1 tier 1 goods factories can't be used so people aren't destroying their cities for races.
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A game I USED to play added a lot of mini games and they were just silly.

How about setting up and artifact museum and sometimes in our negotiations or battles we acquire an artifact, that lives in a collection that we can scroll through and completing various artifact collections are rewarded with building improvements.


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This was simply an idea of some alternate quests to the "make 80 beverages", "complete 70 tournament encounters", "make 15 toolboxes", "upgrade 5 buildings" etc etc ad nauseum that we get with every event. Nothing more. People have been asking for different kinds of quests, and I thought these might be a fun alternative thrown into the mix of the rest of the quests. Not meant to be "silly" or an insult to anyone who believes Elvenar is "better than that". Thank you for your comments.


@Aramina I’m sorry you were insulted by my comment about Elvenar being better than games like candy crush. That wasn’t an attack on you but those games are everywhere. I also gave an alternative, as did idavis for something new. You’re so good with graphics, I was really hoping you’d come up with graphics for both suggestions. As we can see by my flattened turtle, my graphics could use some definite improvement.

@edeba your idea has merit but, tie it to a new activity. Battling and negotiating already have a reward system. Your idea seems more like a reward for something new.


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This could be interesting. We have something of a variant in picking up event currency but having some seek and find as a quest whether it is on the city map, the world map or a neighbor's map could at least be a break from some of the tedium of the current quests.


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I agree it would be nice to see some basic puzzles to give us a break from rearranging the city. they wouldn't need a large payout if there is no risk but wasting time. Especially to replace the hunt in the fringes for chests. "Which workshop is not like the others" for 1% supplies or "Solve the sudoku to save 10% off your scout's time"


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Elvenar Team
We have already forwarded similar feedback/suggestions in the past, so I'll archive this thread for now, but at least know it is something that has already been forwarded :)