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A new event - no Fellowship Adventure ?

King Luckybaby

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Is there no Fellowship adventure ?



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i was wondering the same - maybe back to back events and then a fa is the new normal.
that would make things tougher. It used to be you could do the event half-heartedly, but as long as you got to stage 8, you were fine. Now you would need to get to stage 9, because you will only get tomes once every two events.

Also, I hope that conversion recipes do not get phased out too soon. It would suck if young pups who want to evolve a fire phoenix wouldn't be able to convert the "phoenix/whatever tome" to fire phoenix artifacts in the academy.


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i think there will be an adventure every 2 events , and that you can pick an artefact then for the last 2 events if you are missing one , might be better then an adventure after every single event.

Enevhar Aldarion

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Sort of surprised that Inno would start something new over a major holiday weekend, with Sunday being Easter in large parts of the world.


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I think that the 2 events followed by 1 FA that provides 2 sorceries that work for the two events will make good business sense for Innogames.
This approach will encourage players to spend money to assure that they get enough upgrades. You would not want to run the risk of having two great event buildings in a row and only have enough sorceries to upgrade one of them to max level.

Of course this only works if the first event has a great grand prize building. If it is lousy then you can just plan on using your sorceries to upgrade the second one. Assuming that it is more to your liking.

Less FAs is good. No matter what the reason.

Egwene al Vere

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If you check your e-mails from last year, you will note that after the Ashen Phoenix we had the Fairy Queen's Retreat. The year before that when we got the coldfire, I think it was the ships and the harbour set after that. It appears that after every phoenix event is a stand alone event. I was hoping for an FA to get 2 more phoenix tomes but that's not going to happen it seems..


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It's for you to not get lvl 10 buildings all times. Once per 2 events = you have to choose artifacts. Another "great" idea of our devs.
Now you only get to silver/gold league on live if you are lucky to get 500x currency with 5% chance, it's a lottery game not strategic game.
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I like the new balancing between events and FAs. One doesn't need every single event building. The most players don't have enough place and restaurations to keep them up to date.