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A hailing from Surge


Hello everyone. My name's Surge. I see a whole bunch of people came here from FoE. I don't mind that. I am playing that game for almost three years, ever since closed beta. Considering this game is very similar to FoE, I think my skills should translate here.

I'm probably mostly known for my ridiculously long guide on coins in FoE, as well as being a forum and in-game moderator for a few months way back. Here's my guide for proof: http://forum.en.forgeofempires.com/showthread.php?893-Guide-The-Gold-Coin-Super-Guide

I hope I can make some contributions to the community.

Also, I want to get this straightened out - is it fine for me to put that link there? I know it leads to another website, but it's the FoE forums. I want to know. Thanks.

Edit: Wow. Mods from FoE too? It's almost too good to be true.


Hallo Surge,

I am also from Foe. Great game, I played for one year. I also get the flavour of Foe all the time, but this
seems to be a bit of all the other Inno games meeting in one place. I think it,s great.

Kind regards
Stormwings :)


Well-Known Member
Hey, hello Surge,
... this game is wonderful :rolleyes:
have fun and joy with us
and good interaction. -
Ialso play FOE, but this is not Foe, this is ELVENAR and that is very good ;)


Hi, Surge.
I also play FOE, but in this moment I like more to play Elvenar :D