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Quests A change in the circular quests.

Bor de Wolf 1965

Well-Known Member
I am not sure as of what chapter you start getting the repeatable quests from a specific list but I would suggest to get a very needed upgrade to these quests.
In this list there is at least 1 bug that is not considered as a bug.
In the beginning when these quests came out we had only 3 boosted factories, so the quest to upgrade 1 boosted factory to level 11 or higher was correct if you upgraded your boosted T1-3 factory.

And now the fun starts.
When Inno introduced the new goods that you only can make with a tier 4, 5 or 6 factory they created the bug that ain't a bug.
The quest still works fine for a tier 1, 2 or 3 factory BUT according to the quest your tier 4, 5 and 6 factories should also be considered as a legal target of the quest.
And now with chapter 20 active all factories are a legal target of this quest.

So the programmers at inno have 2 options, 1 is a simple solution and the other is a more complex (in my eyes the right) solution.
1) change the quest text so it only says to upgrade one of your tier 1, 2 or 3 factories to level 11 or higher.
other) Do a chapter and factory check if it includes the tier 4 to 9 factories as well.

Personally I hope they will fix it in the way the quest is intended but that means a lot of checking and programming.

I have placed this same suggestion on the Dutch forum to get the right meaning of my request over.
Without a possible insult to someone that doesn't deserve it.
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Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
I think that anything else than turning this quests off from some chapter is a waste of dev team's time.

Bor de Wolf 1965

Well-Known Member
That would be an option to.

And there are 3 other quests that should be taken care of.
From chapter 12 on you loose the 24 and 48 hour factory production times.
Still in the repeating list there are 3 quests that need the 24 hour production times.


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This quest line ends in Chapter 8 or 9 and was never updated to the next chapters. So there is no use to update some special quests, the whole questline has to be updated for the next chapters. I read some times in very old threads, that the quest line shoud be updated for next chapters some day. and some day has never come.


Ex-Team Member
The circular quests weren't changed, but replaced with weekly and daily quests of the Seasons feature, so I will move this thread to the Approved Ideas and Suggestions section. :)