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A big quantity of resources in stock


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Hello to all.

I have at present in stock approximately 1.5 million resources (all the resources, boosted and not boosted).
I do not use it for my tech tree because I already ended it since a moment, and thanks to the golem III I negotiate no more sector (that it is really good, I widely prefer to gain a sector by fighting rather than by negotiating).:)
Of the blow I do not spend any more a single resource and my stocks swell at sight of eye.

I thus wanted to ask a question to those who are in my case, whom make you of all your resources? Do you store them or have you a utility of it and if yes which?

Otherwise is planned an evolution in the game to use our resources in stock (other than to help the members of our fellowship and buy some PK) in the future? (Whether it is a use for our own city or a use for the fellowship)
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Thank you for your answer katzenprinz.

The coming of a new race (and the new tech tree which goes with) will allow it actually to use resources, approximately 500 000 - 600 000 approximately can be, what corresponds to my production of resource of in...................................... ....... 10 days.:p

I thought more of a use on the long term as for example inno made him on FOE in the GVG which is very greedy in resource (even if I am well conscious that the war of fellowship is on the agenda not at all here but it was to quote an example) or quite different things.


@Katzenprinz I wouldn't be so sure new race will come very fast. Of couse dwarfs are for some time, but from what we have seen in InnoTv to really playable race can be very long way. Basically we have seen there not much more that animation of buildings.

As for resources, I trade a lot with brotherhood, especially those low levels. I sell them for lowered prices.

Randy Rider

Gnomes, bet their gnomes since their the most intelligent and its the level 3 tier buildings that will need the upgrades this time.