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Fixed [8338] Slider in barracks


just checked it :
it appears that before the update, when selecting troops to be trained into an empty slot, we were offered a full training squad by default;
now when selecting, we are offered to train no units (0) of this type and the training time indicated shows some rubbish value like 7+ hours;
it is now necessary to select unit type, the amount desired, and finally start training ...

and this also explains why when coming back after the login bug earlier this afternoon my barracks were idle : all the trainings I had started were void :mad:

Game version: __v0.35.3-(c5f36cd) (2016-02-02 17:59)
Game world: __Beta
Browser + version: __Waterfox 43.0.4
Flash Player version: __20.0.0.286
Operating System: __Windows 7 home premium 64
Screen resolution: __1440x900
Account name: __Philplessis
Humans or Elves: __Elf

Reproducibility: _5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens often, but not always; 5/5 = happens always)

Quest title: __N/A

Current situation:
__when starting a new training squad in the barracks, selecting the unit type offers an empty training squad (1 unit) with a planned training time of 7+ hours;
if training is started right away, an 1 unit squad will be trained;
it is necessary to adjust the desired training squad size before starting training

Expected situation:
__training squad size should default to maximum possible size as before (regression)

Reproduction Steps
__go to the barracks
2. __select unit to be trained
3. __notice the slider at the bottom : it is on the left, indicating a training squad size of zero (0)
4. __starting the training as is will deduce supplies and initiate the training of 0 units
5. __it is necessary to move the slider to the right to adjust desired training squad size before actually starting to train units
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I just re-check and find that slider, it show 97 ( it is the max value ), that explain a lot thing
i go to armory to check, the basic training size is 12, no longer 20
this further explain something
so my barrack recruit 97 storm barbarian is correctly


THE LEVEL 1 BONUS OF BULWARK ( increase basic training size of barrack by 8 ) IS GONE TOO

it is not a bug of barrack
it is a BUG of BULWARK that it fail to increase the basic training size by 8 as descibed in the feature of BULWARK
it lead to barrack cannot recruit 105 ( 97 +8 ) storm barbarian

when will this be recrify and corrected ??


further information

it is now working properly with special funny way

without bulwark
i can recruit 97 storm barbarian
with bulwark
i should recruit 105 storm barbarian

when i login barrack
if i can recruit soldier
the slide bar shown 97 only and cannot be move (slide)
when I recruit 97 storm barbarian
then i delete that 97 storm barbarian
then i can slide the bar to 105
now i can recruit 105 storm barbarian

apart from this
when i move to other soldier
e.g. i move to blessed paladin, slide bar go to 17
if i move to storm barbarian again, it stay 17
so terrible, i always recruit 17 storm barbarian instead of 105 storm barbarian
i need to cancel and recruit again in correct volume (105 )
< i suppose when we move to any soldier, it should auto set to max value of that soldier <like previous>, but player can use slider bar to lower the volume of recruitment, it is terrible for player to adjust volume each time >

i think
the computer logic of barrack and bulwark has some interaction problems..