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Fixed [7557] Moving to scout -> City arrow stuck


I am currently scouting northwest from my city.
When I watch the worldmap southeast from my city the arrow points northwest to my city: correct behaviour
If I now use the navigate to scout button the view centers on my scout and the arrow is still pointing northwest, but my city is now southeast.
Moving the worldmap even a mm let's the arrow point in the correct direction again though.

Edit: It's the same for the moving to city button. The city is centered, but the arrow is pointing elsewhere.
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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, LordB. This is easily reproducible:
1. Start scouting on a certain location.
2. Move away in the opposite direction on the map, going beyond your city's location.
3a. Click on 'navigate to scout' - observe how the arrow remains in its initial position, when your city is now in the opposite direction.
3b. Click on 'navigate to city' - the arrow remains in its initial position, but you're seeing your city on the map so it's technically wrong.
3c. If you move on the map (in any way) the arrow's behavior is fixed.

We'll pass along this information. :)