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Fixed [6839] Fellowship - accept/decline application resets page number to 1


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Game version: __ 0.24.923-402471d-(master) (2015-09-11 12:33)
Game world: __EN1
Browser + version: __Chrome (newest)
Flash Player version: __(newest)
Operating System: __WIn7
Screen resolution: __1920 x 1080
Account name: __@Caelian
Humans or Elves: __Elves
Hardware Acceleration: ON

This bug / error occures on: Fellowship Window

When i visit Trader and want to cancel any offer on Page 2,3 or higher after confirming todelte the offer, trader takes me back to page 1.
so if I want to cancel 5 or 10 offers from page X I must go to that page, delete 1 offer, then im taken to page 1,must visit the page X again, cancel another offer and so on.

Similiar thing happens on Fellowship window when Iwant to accept / decline Player to / from my fellowship.

Please fix it or if its by design (if so i do not know why?) then please make it stop, make it unchangable, so we will save 2/3 of clicks currently needed.
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