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Fixed [6838] Trader - cancelling trade from page 2+ resets page to 1


Well-Known Member
Game version: __ 0.24.923-402471d-(master) (2015-09-11 12:33)
Game world: __EN1
Browser + version: __Chrome (newest)
Flash Player version: __(newest)
Operating System: __WIn7
Screen resolution: __1920 x 1080
Account name: __@Caelian
Humans or Elves: __Elves
Hardware Acceleration: ON

This bug / error occures on: TRADER, FEllowship Window

When i visit Trader and want to cancel any offer on Page 2,3 or higher after confirming todelte the offer, trader takes me back to page 1.
so if I want to cancel 5 or 10 offers from page X I must go to that page, delete 1 offer, then im taken to page 1,must visit the page X again, cancel another offer and so on.

Similiar thing happens on Fellowship window when Iwant to accept / decline Player to / from my fellowship.

Please fix it or if its by design (if so i do not know why?) then please make it stop, make it unchangable, so we will save 2/3 of clicks currently needed.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Thank you, we can confirm this issue and will get in contact with our development team to find out whether or not this is intended :)


Elvenar Team
We have split this thread and edited the title for both this thread and the other one, so that we can deal with the issues in the Trader window and the Fellowship window separately. :)