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Fixed [6348] Boost is not calculated correctly


Well-Known Member
My production does not fit the boost rate anymore:
3h gems production were 700 before the update. Now it is 685
The tooltip says 137 regular production and i have a 412% boost, so it should be 137x5,12 = 701,44

Apllies also for other goods
75 regular silk production with a boost of 443% should be 407,25 and not 375
41 regular marble production with a boost of 412% should be 209,92 and not 205

Pls fix asap, as i can't do the collect 2k silk quest two times while harvesting anymore :(


Well-Known Member
I can confirm this
before the upgrade, my planks manufactories were producing more than 250 units in 3 hours
they are now down to 220


Elvenar Team
Small update: upon collecting you do get the correct amount, making this "just" a display issue. Thought you might want to know. :)